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Genre *
1 Te Quiero Mi Amor (original extended mix)
Dj Samuel Kimko
2 Nina (extended mix)
Sunrise Inc.
3 Zaleilah (extended mix)
4 Endless Summer (cj stone remix)
5 Round and Round (extended mix)
6 Boyfriend (club mix)
Justin Bieber
7 Dancing in My Head (wman remix)
Goldfinger feat. Lily Minou
8 Big Hoops (wideboys club mix)
Nelly Furtado
9 I Wanna Dance With Somebody (club mix)
Cassey Doreen
10 End of Time (wawa extended mix)
11 Sun Comes Up (extended mix)
David Vendetta feat. Booty Luv
12 Call Me Maybe (manhattan clique remix)
Carly Rae Jepsen
13 Timebomb (george m. extended mix)
Kylie Minogue
14 Summer Of Love (ian carey club mix)
15 Scream (seamus haji remix)
16 Dalinda (sax version extended)
Alex Mica
17 Baila Morena (extended mix)
Karmin Shiff and Lik and Dak
18 La Bete Et La Belle (extended mix)
Amanda Lear
19 Slow (extended club mix)
Eila feat. Glance
20 One Love (hot redhead remix)
Slashlove & Showtime
21 Ill Take You (extended mix)
22 The Social Network Song (club mix)
Valentina Monetta
23 Make a Move (original mix)
Taito vs. Benny G.
24 Better Alone (paolo barbieri extended mix)
Elettro Latino
25 Free (deepside deejays rmx)
Dj Sava feat. Andreea D.
26 Live My Life (7th heaven club mix)
Far East Movement feat. J. Bieber
27 Addicted To You (club mix)
28 Electrified (extended version)
Andreea Banica
29 Last Time (david may extended mix)
RJ feat. Qwote
30 We've Only Just Begun (extended mix)
Dimaro & Rosette Feat. Carlprit
31 Summer Dreams (club mix)
Mirami feat. Layzee
32 Policia (scotty remix)
33 Sex on The Beach (tondecker remix)
Lolita Hunters feat.Robkay
34 Goin' In (gustavo scorpio club mix)
Jennifer Lopez feat. Flo Rida
35 Robots (chris feelding remix)
Kate Ryan
36 Caliente (extended mix)
37 Think About It (extended mix)
Urban Cookies feat. Fancy
38 Black Box (happy house remix)-cm.mp3
Jessica Jean
39 Carry Me to Paradise (extended mix)
Christina Walls
40 Nobody Can (extended mix)
Laura Broad feat. Chris Brown

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