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1. Return of the jedi (Noise interactive remix) Darth and Vader
2. Sky full of stars (Hardwell Remix) Coldplay
3. Into The Groove(Extended club) Katania
4. I O U (Electric Remix) DJ Logo
5. Tainted Love (electro Remix) Speedmaster Project
6. Thriller (original Mix) Rilod
7. Maniac (extended remix) Joe Face
8. Fade to Grey (Scotty Club Remix) Winman
9. Freed From Desire (Spillagia RMX) Selena
10. Like a Prayer (club mix) The Mysterious Girl
11. The Final Countdown (castaman rmx) Dario G
12. Everybody Dance now Pronto
13. God is a DJ Scotty
14. Show me Love Belmond and parker
15. New York City Boy (club mix) Randy Jones
16. West End Girls (2 nd mix) Scotty
17. Can’t get no sleep Dave King

Megamix Master said...
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