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02.Fair Control - Symphony Of Love
03.Alphaville - Big In Japan
04.Piano Fantasia - Song For Denise
05.Ray Cooper - Breakdown
06.Savage - Don't Cry Tonight
07.Billy Ocean - Loverboy
08.Rose - Magic Carillon
09.Savage - Radio
10.Lee Marrow - Mr. Fantasy
11.Lian Ross - Say You'll Never
12.Miko Mission - Two For Love
13.Savage - Only You
14.Valerie Dore - The Night
15.Miko Mission - How Old Are You
16.Bad Boys Blue - I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat
17.P.Lion - Happy Children
18.Jules - I Want To
19.Miko Mission - The World Is You
20.Squash Gang - I Want An Illusion
21.Fox The Fox - Precious Little Diamond
22.C.C.Catch - Cause You Are Young
23.William King - Robin Hood
24.Mr. Zivago - Little Russian
25.Roger Meno - What My Heart Wanna Say
26.Duke Lake - Do You
27.Glamour Station - Evrybody Does It
28.Time Bandits - I'm Only Shooting Love
29.Sandy Marton - People From Ibiza
30.Kano - I Need Love
31.Brando - Rainy Day
32.Chris Luis - The Heart Of The City
33.Joy - Touch By Touch
34.L' Affair - Secret Eyes
35.Silent Circle - Touch In The Night
36.David Lyme - Bambina
37.Numero Uno - Tora Tora Tora

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